Theoretical Perspective on Aging Hcs/548

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Theoretical Perspective on Aging
Rachael Porchia
September 3, 2012
Deborah Ayers

Theoretical Perspective on Aging
The study of aging has not been around long. Aging is natural, and occurs during an individual’s lifetime. Essentially, no one can escape the aging process many individuals 60 and over are in good health, and hold his or her independence status. However, some individuals over 60 experiences medical issues, and may need to count on others for assistance.

Typically, when most people retire he or she expects to remain independent, and live life as he or she always has in the past. However, because of some unforeseen illness some individuals may lose some of his or her independence, and need assistance from family, friends or home care facilities. When this occurs many older people experience emotional stress, and physical problems whereas some does not. Here the study of gerontology comes into place. Gerontology can help many individuals “understand current social issues,” (Novak, 2009, p. 2) that occurs from aging.

This paper will expound, and examine the major aspects of the disengagement theory, and activity theory. The paper will include the advantages, and disadvantages of the disengagement theory, and activity theory. The paper will also evaluate how both theories relate to the current approaches to aging. Examine Disengagement Theory and Activity Theory

When individuals are young he or she depends on caregivers to take care of him or her. When individuals become older some experiences health conditions, and depends on caregivers to take care of his or her needs as well to include feeding, bathing, dressing, and transporting. Further, when becoming older some individuals disengage themselves from society. “Disengagement theory saw decreases interaction as the outcome of mutual withdrawal of society and the older person,” (Novak, 2009, p....

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