The Very Model of a Modern Senior Manager

Topics: Ageing, Gerontology, Marketing Pages: 3 (530 words) Published: February 20, 2011
CASE # 6: The Sure Thing That Flopped.
Introduction to business.
Ketevan Vardishvili
A. Background
* Home furnishing chain. Selling inexpensive furniture.
* 1st store was opened in 1960s in North Caroline.

B. Industry description
Company sells inexpensive furniture for aged people.
C. Company description
* Publicly traded Furniture Company, which has low cost furniture. D. Key people
* Drew Mobley- 29 years-old Tibal Fisher’s assistant.
* Tibal Fisher- CEO
* The store manager- 30-something fellow.
* Erica Grosser- reporter of Wall Street Journal.

E. Competition
Company manufactures low cost product and they price their product competitively in the industry, targeting for aging people. F. SWOT
* Strengths (Company has a low cost on its product)
* Weakness (Old fashioned products for old people)
* Opportunities (To sell a huge amount of products to boomers, especially college students.) * Threats (In ability to innovate for younger generation) G. Financial situation
The case does not really give us a lot of financial information. H. Pricing,
* Low cost.
* They distribute product in other malls.

Promotional Strategies
* Are not defined in the case.
Identifying things that is interesting but the case doesn’t tell. * Financial Situation of a TF’s NextStage company
Case doesn’t tell us about financial situation that is really important to everyone to know. Without financial situation we are not able to understand weather a company is successful or not. We don’t know how company works and what revenues and expenses it has. * Pricing and Quality

It is interesting to know what prices do products have. We only know that company’s product is inexpensive. * It would be better to have more information about distribution and promotional strategies, because everyone is interested what plans and goals a company has.

Problems that are...
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