The story of the sampler

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The amazing Pudding shop

Once upon a time there was a little pudding shop where people could taste all the puddings the shop have resources to make. The pudding shop was a little shop, and they not so many costumers, and they have not selling some pudding in some time when a man walk in the shop. The elderly man could the girl by the disk easy recognize, the elderly man there walk in the shop have visit the shop every week to sample all the puddings in the shop, but he have never in the hole time bought a single pudding.

But one day asked one of the girls there were working in the pudding shop, if she could buy the elderly man one of the puddings. The old man there have visit the small pudding shop week after week for several years, felt suddenly disrespected, but he did not became angry, instead he felt hurt. Because the elderly man was not so rich, and suddenly standing there a younger girl who offer to pay for he could get a pudding, and that hurt the elderly man I some way instead to make him happy for the girl kindness.

‘’Now there’s an old man for instance,’’ she told me, ‘’who comes here almost every week, and samples each one of the puddings, though he never buys anything and I suppose he never will. ‘’

This quote from the text, describes one of the two main persons in the short story. This is the first time you hear about the older man in the whole short story. The quote tells us about, that the elderly man has came to the pudding shop week after week for several years. This elderly man was a poor fellow, and he have not afford to buy a pudding because he did not have the money, instead he sample all the different kind of pudding the shop could offer him. It could also be that the girl has some deeper meaning when she offers the man to buy a pudding for him. For example she was sick and tired of having the elderly man hanging around in the pudding shop, and she thinks that if she buys him some pudding he will stay away from the shop...
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