The Role of Human Resource Management

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The Role of Human Resource Management
To understand the role that Human Resource Management plays in any organisation, it is important to understand what would happen if the department did not exist. This would then lead to department managers being responsible for all hiring duties including interviewing and training, and they would also be responsible for implementing legislation and salary and benefit packages. Without Human Resource Management as a part of an organization, existing managers would have all the responsibilities that the Human Resource department would have had as well as handling their own duties. When there is a Human Resource department within an organization, managers can focus on their department's responsibilities and goals effectively and efficiently. The role that the Human Resource department plays in any organisation is vital to the success of that organisation, it includes identifying labor needs and job descriptions; recruiting, application and screening; interviewing and hiring orientation and training; compensation; evaluation and; promotion and or termination of employment; dealing with cases of sexual harassment, disobeying company policy and personal conflicts with other employees. For international organisations, these HR activities need to be co-ordinated across both the home country and different national subsidiaries and to take into account the needs of both parent country nationals, host country nationals and third country nationals. Over and above all the functions that the Human Resource department is responsible for, the most important of all is recruitment and selection; this is to ensure that the best person for the job position is placed for effectiveness and efficiency in that organisation. Another vital role that the Human Resource department plays is that, it’s that department that employees approach if there are grievances or concerns from employees who are looking for an arbitrator or objective body where...

References: Contemporary Issues in HRM: Gaining a Competitive Advantage (3rd Ed), Brewster, C.; Carey, L.; Holland, P; and Warnich, S. (2008)
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