The Rise of the Labour Party

Topics: Socialism, Working class, Social class Pages: 2 (546 words) Published: March 15, 2005
The rise o the labour party was due to many factors.Factors such as the movement of people from the countryside to cities which changed the economic structure of britain and also changed the social structure and this led to the need for political change.

The need for political change to help the working class people who were living in poverty which had been highlighted by booth and rownatree who surveyed LOndon an york two of englands major cities .Better education led to the realisation that the two existing political parties were not suitable for the working class' needs .All were factors which conrtibuted to the rise of the labour party .

The british government
was run mainly by rich aristocrats because working class people could not afford to become MPs but in 1911 they introdiced payment for MPs which let the working class represent themselves in their constituencies in parliament either the liberal or conservative parties .Although this had happened the rich aristocracy still believed that they knew best when dealing with the poor even though they did nothing to help the poor .This attitude was based partly on the principle of laissez fair which meant little help was given to the poor and the little help that was given was harsh like the poor houses .These factors needed to be changed and the only way was through political change this also lead to the rise of the labour party .

Another reason for the rise of the labour party was the failure of the 1832 act which granted the vote to small buisiness men , financiers and entreprenuers of the industrial revolution but ignored the organised sections of working class.Although the 1832 act failed to grant working class people the vote the 1867 , 1872 and 1884 acts gave the vote to more working class people , although this had happened the new voters did not have a party to represent them .These problems also helped the rise of the labour party through the necessity of of a party to represent the...
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