The Reluctant Receptionist

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The Reluctant Receptionist
Why was it important to be specific when describing job duties? The importance of being specific when describing job duties is very important. Having a well effectively developed employee job description is a communication tool between the employee and employer and it can determine the success between the employee and employer. Having a poorly written job description can add confusion to the workplace, also a lack of communication from the company. People working for the company may feel as if they do not know what is, to be expected of them. In this scenario not being accurate of the written job description created a problem because it was not written but it became a verbal description and it had nothing to do with what Virginia applied for. Virginia was not hired to be a receptionist, but was to relieve the receptionist for an hour a day. Virginia felt that this company did not take her seriously and felt unappreciated. Even though she has a college degree, and the job she applied for was an HR assistant not a fill in receptionist. The importance of job descriptions

Employee job descriptions are written statements that describe the duties, responsibilities, and the qualifications of a particular job. Employee job descriptions are based on information obtained through a job analysis, understanding the skills required to accomplish the task that is needed, and the needs of the company. Having a well written job description can cover legal basis as well, if employment issue's should arise: it will define the ongoing job responsibilities for the employee. It will also identify the required knowledge , skills and abilities needed to be successful. What can be done in the future to prevent these problems, what are the job duties of an HR Assistant? In order from preventing this happening in the future is to be more detailed into what is expected of the job being performed. When writing a job description consider...

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