The Purpose of Education

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The Purpose of Education
According to Herbert Spencer, an English philosopher who lived form 1820 to 1903, “The great aim of education is not knowledge, but action.”

I agree with Spencer’s statement that the aim of education is action, not knowledge because society experiences improvements when educated people take actions. The mandatory requirement of education is action because it brings to knowledge the dynamic process of interaction within the world. One historical and concrete example that action is the aim of education occurred during the Nazi Regime. In that time, Hitler killed millions of Jews, and institutions and people filled with knowledge did not speak out in order to oppose his atrocity. Evidently, in that case education did not reach its aim because that people did not act to stop the persecution against Jews. It shows how knowledge with no actions can lead to negligent decisions or unjust attitudes against people and/or groups. Education’s main purpose is to open the individual’s mind and make the concepts received from teachers, instructors or professors be transformed into genuine actions. Knowledge is just the support that makes people think logically and critically. The aim of education is action because it is the only way to recognize what is right and wrong. By action, the individual opposes wrongdoing and improves society. Students that act logically and critically are committed to converting situations that are oppressing them or others into situations that will promote them and the whole community. As an illustration, when educators transmit concepts about domestic violence, drug abuse or sexual education, they must to push their students making them think logically and critically, and to act in order to resolve this kind of problem in their lives and communities. Furthermore, if students do not open their minds and put their knowledge into action, their literacy is not involving the continuation of learning that will...
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