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Topics: Retirement, Death, Ageing Pages: 1 (594 words) Published: September 20, 2014
Andrew Stringer
PSY 297

My idea of the aging process has never been an inclining model, but a declining model. I saw life as peak in youth, and a decline until death. Aging to me seemed to be the “catch” of life that was the price of getting to experience youth. Pain was to be expected, my mind would cloud, and my vigor would fade. I would gradually lose my sense of individuality, and I would become part of the stereotypical Middle American culture, working a 9-5 and having a quiet and fading life. My best moments and my “golden years” would be behind me with nothing but pensions, retirement, and the graying years to anticipate. My outlook was, as one can tell, very bleak. Bleak enough so that it caused me true distress even when I was too young to have to worry about that sort of thing. However, these thoughts have plagued me through every transitional period of life. Childhood to adolescence was a nasty transition, with adolescence to the full-time student and full-time worker period to also be frustrating at times. Perhaps I am just someone who dislikes change, but the worst change of all was always aging. One would hope that being much older now would have alleviated these fears, however these ill founded views of mine have only changed as I have changed.

Overall, I think society now views aging more positively than it has in generations past. I feel that previous generations have held true the aging as a second childhood stigma. The elderly have generally been considered someone to take care of, fragile, and not as mentally sharp as their younger selves or counterparts. The elderly of generations past would reflect on their “glory days” as opposed to focusing on the future. Now I feel that society genuinely tries to have a more positive outlook, and this is reflected in the treatment of the elderly. It is now a valid and logical thought for an elderly individual to be not only mentally sharp but in shape and fully capable of taking...
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