The Need for Human Resources

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Of all the resources used by a business, probably the most important to its success is people. People are responsible for the effective use of all other resources in the business. People make decisions, operate equipment, maintain records, and deal with customers. Because of their value to the business, managing people is a critical function. All managers work with people. However, human resources management (HRM) consists of all activities involved with acquiring, developing, and compensating the people who do the company’s work. HRM is sometimes called personnel management. Employees’ pay, training, benefits, work environment, and many other factors contribute to their productivity, performance quality, and willingness to stay with the company. The people who work in human resources management perform the tasks that help the business keep the skilled, productive, and satisfied employees it needs to succeed. To begin human resources planning, companies must determine the number of people they will need in order to perform all tasks as well as the skills those people will need. Then they must recruit, hire, and train those employees. Once on the job, the employees will need equipment and other resources to accomplish their jobs. Directions provided through descriptions of job duties, policies, and procedures help the organization operate effectively. Human resources employees take part in all of these activities.

Businesses must be sure that employees are satisfied with their jobs and motivated to perform well. They need to be concerned about employee safety and health, working conditions, wages, and benefits. Employees who are doing a good job need to be recognized and rewarded, and those who are not must be given training and support to improve their performance. In some cases, employees must be removed from their jobs if their performance does not improve or if there are major changes in company operations. As you can see,...
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