The Life and Impact of Vladimir Lenin Essay

Topics: Vladimir Lenin, Soviet Union, Russia Pages: 3 (1187 words) Published: September 19, 2007
Vladimir Ilyich Lenin was an impactful political leader in Russia during the twentieth century. He was a famous figure and left a huge impact on the Russian/Soviet Union Empire for many decades to follow. What he may be known for best, Lenin created and brought up the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics along with helping with the introduction of communism. He applied that communism concept to the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics government that he was running. As the political leader in the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics government, he tried his best to carry out the communism plan and make the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics a powerful empire.

Vladimir Lenin was ordained at an early age to become a revolutionary leader. Lenin had several brothers but looked up the most to one of his oldest brothers, Alexander. Alexander made the biggest impact of Vladimir's revolutionary views when he was executed: "When Alexander was a young man, he was executed for conspiring to assonate the Tsar. This brought so much anger and despair into Lenin that he soon became a revolutionary himself" (Red Biographies). This left a lasting impact on Lenin from a very early age. He looked up to Alexander as not only a big brother, but as a role model as well. He decided that he would try and get vengeance and become a revolutionist himself. It is obvious that Vladimir and Alexander were very close with each other and the death shook up Vladimir greatly. Whether making that decision was based on Alexander's death or something else, it sure had an influence. As Lenin progressed throughout his childhood, he was noted for his great intelligence. He was a very smart student when he headed to college and was looking forward to starting his trek as a revolutionist. Basgen writes that Lenin moved to St. Petersburg in 1893 and studied law. There, he spent a lot of time and learned many things about revolutionary movements from G.V. Plekhanov. Lenin was helped by Plekhanov and his...
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