The lack of exercise among senior citizen

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Xi Zhao
The lack of exercise among senior citizens has been reported increasingly over the past decades. In the United States, Why we should care:
“The global population age 65 or older was estimated at 461 million in 2004, an increase of 10.3 million just since 2003. Projections suggest that the annual net gain will continue to exceed 10 million over the next decade. Individuals 65 years of age are expected to raise to 20% by the year 2040, and health care programs are projected to represent 32 percent of all domestic spending by 2022. Global aging the challenge of success

1. The Aging Population
2. Prescription drugs. A major contribution to the burden of the government budget Traditional thinking:
About 12% of 65 to 74 have been reported experiencing difficulty with basic activities, such as eating and walking (Harada et al., pg.54, 1995). Mobility impairment contributes to the dramatic decline in engaging exercises. Thus, senior citizens have a higher chance of getting illness such as obesity, overweight, and high blood pressure due to the effect of the lack of exercise. Argument

The main causes of the problem are the stereotypical views and images on senior citizens associated with aging, of which they are not competent individuals engaging in descent amount of exercise regularly instead of their physical limit. The Stereotype Theory

The type of knowledge that all humans carry unconsciously and genetically. Several possible motivations have been suggested for the formation of stereotyping. Why?
1. People stereotype other group of people for the purpose of cognitive efficiency. It is a lot easier to extract information from a general sense than differentiating the minor differences among individuals. Categorization saves so much processing time in our brains and humans are also known as cognitive misers. 2. People no longer need to understand and predict the social world once we stereotype the other groups of people. 3. Human has the tendency...
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