The Issue of Aged Population

Topics: Retirement, Old age, Gerontology Pages: 1 (280 words) Published: August 15, 2013
Along with the coming of population ageing, the issue of providing economic and emotional support for the aged has been influencing the development of social economy increasingly. It is evident that the aged trend of population will bring forth the issue of everyday life care for the old, but many families and the society did not well prepare for solution to the severity of this problem.

Eldly people, who have retired from their works, namely they are no longer to continue making contributions to the society, need to be cared by their children. Besides, in terms of financial issues, most of the eldly rely mainly on pensions after retirement. From my perspective, it will definitely impose a considerable financial burden on the government and taxpayers.

In addition, not only do senior citizens depend on younger generation economically but they also require some sort of affective interaction with their children. In this regard, young people have to spend more time on taking care of their parents. Consequently, negative side effect may arise such as distractions from work would become a common occurrence.

To address this, it would be desirable that government devise some programmes for the old to go back to join the work force again. For instance, old people are suited to perform social work in their local communities or they may like to be taxi drivers,etc. Working place is the channel for the eldly to keep in touch with the society.

In conclusion, the importance of population ageing should be paid significant attention by every member of the society. Furthermore, the solution to this problem counts on people taking measures in time and dealing with it actively.
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