The Industrial Revolution: Changing Role of Women

Topics: Industrial Revolution, Working class, Social class Pages: 3 (962 words) Published: August 6, 2013
Brenda Sanchez

December 5, 2012
Industrial Revolution: Changing Role of Women
Women have always been seen as less and worthless unlike men who have always been seen as more superior. Because of this, men denied the rights to women. During the Industrial Revolution, women had a more difficult lifestyle in comparison to the men. Women were often mistreated and taken advantage of. Women weren’t considered as equal to men, therefore they were given very few rights. Unfortunately, the amount of rights they received weren’t enough to change their lifestyle. The Industrial Revolution changed most of the courses of human history. All of this began in 1733. It was of great importance to the development of Britain in the late 18th and 19th centuries by the introduction of machinery. Not only did the Industrial Revolution bring inventions to Britain, but also in the article by Lauren Emory titled “The Industrial Revolution” it states “[It] [also] impacted many levels of British [societies].” For example, for the wealthy class the Industrial Revolution was a great advantage but for the lower classes of society such as “ . . . working class families, living standards increased,” states Lauren Emory in the article “The Industrial Revolution.” This proves that the Industrial Revolution was a downfall for the lower class of society. During this industry every member of the family played a role between work and home responsibility. The work hours were severely long and harsh. Men found it very difficult to support a family but they were not alone, “ . . . One group that [was] considered rarely of industrialization . . .[was] the women” states Theresa M. McBride in the article titled “The Long Road Home: Women’s Work and Industrialization.” During the time of the Industrial Revolution, not only did women have very few rights but also the lives of women and children were very difficult. For example, in the article “Library.Thinkquest.” it states “Factory owners needing...
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