The Incredible Human Body

Topics: Death, Old age, Gerontology Pages: 2 (724 words) Published: March 18, 2013
All life begins at conception, when the sperm from males swims and fertilizer the eggs released within the females. This newly created embryo starts growing within the uterus of its mother and is protected by a sac known as the placenta. The systems which sustain life begin developing, but they are not at their strongest until later on in the child's life. After this period of approximately nine months, the new human is born into the word during the process of childbirth and must immediately start surviving from the first breath, which is a critical life or death moment. If all goes well and the child is born unharmed, the new person enters the stage of infancy. Infancy is the period of life that our bodies grow and adapt to life outside of the mother's womb. We must now rely on our bodies to carry out basic functions for life such as breathing, pumping blood, heating, eating, etc. The most critical parts of our bodies develop and mature such as the hole in the cranium closing, the holes in our heart which protected the lungs from blood sealing, and the cartilage skeleton turning into stronger bone. The immune system learns to recognize infections and protect the body from the ten billion bacteria we come into contact with everyday. New connections between brain cells are made and we begin to evolve, especially when beginning to speak. Another key moment during infancy is the ability to walk which is held responsible for by balance which is located in the inner ear. Infancy is just the beginning of the life we are about to encounter and all the new experiences we will undertake. The next critical point in life is puberty which begins when a child approximately reaches the age of 11. For all people, puberty begins within the brain when proteins are released. Our bodies begin to produce hormones such as estrogen and testosterone, and the sexual organs and reproductive system begin working. Women normally undergo menstruation and a change...
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