The importance of music

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Music first formed in ancient time and continued to develop simultaneously with civilization. It is said that without music, our world would become boring. Why music is so important? Why many people spend a lot of time on listening to music? In fact, music affects us more than we know. Music plays important roles in our life: it connects people, entertains us and has other uses in particular times.

First, music connects people. Different ages, different classes of people come closer getting know each other through music. Specifically, many international concerts was held worldwide in a joint effort to exchange culture and struck up or develop friendship. The countries, as a result, can lead to a multilateral development agreements. Moreover, the people in those countries can be pleased thanks to the influence of music idols. In addition, music can heal the breach between people. It reduces seriousness among those who are in debates. Familiar melodies bring back their memories, throw them back to their happy time in the past and it reconnects them in spiritual level. Besides, music encourages humanitatian actions. People often hold charity concerts and music makes them easy to emphasize with unfortunate lives. In other words, music brings us together.  

Second, music entertains us in many ways. After long hours working hard, listening to our favorite rhythm can help us relax or even stimulate our brain in order to keep on working effecienly. Furthermore, after a stressfull day, music is one of the best ways to entertain. It can be exciting, gentle or soft, depending on the listeners' sense. An amazing way to enjoy music is to attend concerts, theaters or just turn on TV and listen to our favorite songs. Moreover, if you can play musical instruments, it will be the best way to enjoy music. Playing music by ourselves, we understand completely the song and get closer to the singer. Music is an important part of our life. Entertainment is the thing cannot be...
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