The Importance of Human Resource Information

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In the last decade there has been a major increase in organizations using information systems in various functions and departments. Human resource management is one amongst the departments that largely use management information systems. Human resource systems support activities like distinguishing potential staff, maintaining complete records on existing staff and making programs to develop employee’s talents and skills. HR systems assist senior management to spot the proletariat requirements in order to satisfy the organizations future business plans and strategic goals. Middle management uses human recourses systems to watch and analyze the achievement, allocation and compensation of workers. Operational management uses HR systems to trace the recruitment and placement of the workers. Human resource information system also can support numerous HR practices like employees designing, staffing, compensation programs, earnings forecasts, pay budgets and labor/employee relations.

Organizations should treat human resource information as any other resource or asset. It ought to be organized, managed and disseminated effectively for the data to exhibit quality. Within in organization, information flows in four basic directions as upwards, downwards, horizontal and outward/inward (Haag & Cummings, 2008). Taking into consideration that there’s a large quantity of information flow in organizations, it’ll be attainable to know the importance of information systems in organizations.

The information systems line of work is arguably one of the fastest developing and dynamic of all the business processions as a result of information technologies are among the foremost vital tools for achieving business firms’ key objectives. Until the mid-1950’s, corporations managed all their information flow with paper records. Throughout the past sixty years, more business information and also the flow of info among key business actors within the environment has been computerized. Businesses invest in information system as the way to address and manage their internal production functions and to deal with the strain of key actors in their environments.

Management Information Systems (MIS)
A management information system (MIS) is a computerized data of economic information organized and programmed in a way that it produces regular reports on operations for each level of management in a company. It is critical to coordinate and skill major functions, departments and also the business processes in a company. Each of those useful departments has its own goals and processes and that they clearly need to collaborate in order for the business to succeed. Firms accomplish coordination by hiring managers whose responsibility to confirm all the various elements of a corporation work along. The hierarchy of management consists of senior management that makes future choices, middle management that carrier out programs and plans and operational management that is liable for watching the daily activities of the business.

Human resources information systems (HRIS)
HRIS is defined as an “integrated system used to gather, store and analyze information regarding an organization’s human resources’ comprising of databases, computer applications, hardware and software necessary to collect, record, store, manage, deliver, present and manipulate data for human resources function” (Hendrickson, 2003). Along with the upsurge of computerized management info systems (MIS) in industrialized countries enterprises within the 1980’s, human resource functions more and more began to establish human resource information systems in their daily work. In today’s fast paced technology, information system permits the gathering and process of knowledge to provide helpful information for selected users at every level of management system and additionally it has to supply the foremost effective computing power for the companies and organizations....
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