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Question 1: How does McCain view her role as human resource manager? In our case one role of the human resource manager McCain is to set up procedures and policies to assure proper staffing of the store. Brenda McCain is the first contact regarding all topics on human resource within the company. The human resource department is well interlinked with all areas of the Harrison Brothers Corporation, from CEO to housekeeping. Brenda McCain has to keep an overview on workers performance ranging through all departments and her goal has to be to get the best out of the employees and guide them to a more efficient performance.

As a manager she puts emphasis on hand-picking applicants for the sales and support jobs to create a strong work force. When selecting staff Brenda McCain wants to select motivated and driven people, which is an information that cannot be obtained by reading records and references. Based on the case the impression is passed on that she is putting a lot of effort in the election process to get the best fit for the company. McCain’s aim is to keep the selected work force in the business for a longer period of time and to slow down the turnover - especially for part time jobs. In order to keep the turnover low, she introduced a career planning and personal developing system, which should encourage good employees to stay within Harrison Brothers Corporation. A recent study published by the Forbes magazine showed that only 13 percent employees truly feel engaged to their work, whereas almost 30 percent feel disengaged, which decreases their performance and is likely to discourage fellow staff members. Inclusion of staff has to be an important criterion in McCain’s personal developing system to ensure a low turnover rate and positivity throughout the departments.

According to her believe it is important to keep being up to date concerning the performance of workers, for this reason she sees it as her duty to observe the employees work habits on a regular bases. Constructive feedback and small incentives every now and then may help to keep workers motivated.

An example for the importance of observing the worker’s performance is to get a clear picture on the appropriate wage for sales people. As sales staff enters Harrison Brothers Corporation at the minimum wage, the HR manager has to make sure that on a yearly base the staffs’ performance is evaluated. Depending on how much they manage to sell they earn a commission on everything above the break-even point.

There are certain performance standards given by the human resource department, which are required to be met by the employees in addition to appropriate behavior when dealing with clients and between each other. If employers are not fulfilling these standards and do not show motivation to change that, McCain is also responsible for taking disciplinary actions. As a human resource manager she needs to know how to react and deal with misbehavior. Before she is implementing disciplinary actions it is advisable to try coaching and performance appraisal, but if that is not working or in case the misbehavior has been too severe, disciplinary actions have to be taken. Hereby McCain has to make sure that the employee understand his/her discrepancies and the action taken by the human resource manager should be in an appropriate relation to the misbehavior. Best is if the disciplinary action stays between the manager and the concerned employee.

Moreover McCain’s responsibility is also to coordinate supervisors, who are responsible for quality and quantity management. This area is also interlinked with the observation of performance of workers. It can be said that Brenda McCain’s position as a human resource manager comes with a large scope of responsibilities, but she is trying to have them well organized and structured. Question 2: What is Harrison Brothers’ business strategy?

The Harrison Brothers Corporation was founded in New York in 1898 by...
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