The Greatest Day of My Life

Topics: Mobile phone, Prize, Shopping mall Pages: 2 (809 words) Published: July 18, 2014
The Greatest Day I Have Ever Lived

Have you ever had the feeling of yearning to gain something into your possession so desperately? Well, I had. It would probably be best to describe it as the dearest wish that any typical girl my age could ever had: the trendiest, most portable, and most recently released gadget on the market featuring the most advanced technology a phone could possibly ever been designed with in mankind’s history – the extremely popular iPhone 5s. Whenever I overheard anyone, whether it was my classmate, my neighbor, or even any random passer-by bragging about his/her intriguingly costly mobile phone to others, I could immediately feel the jealousy rushing up inside of me. Furthermore, the advertisement of this brand new cellphone was practically everywhere – it was aired on television, broadcasted on the radio and I even had to bear with noticing the iPhone 5s banner stuck high up on the billboard that continuously increase the temptation of purchasing it as I passed by that area every single day on my way to school. You could therefore understand how terribly I had to put up with the envy and the desire to own this attractive cellphone. As childish as it might have appeared to be, I had indeed attempted to obtain it by nagging my parents, not to mention how I tried to beg them using a cute puppy-like expression plastered across my face. Unfortunately, my endeavor of blabbering all about the up-to-date technology that this appealing cellphone had been installed with, such as a fingerprint identity sensor, to my parents failed tragically as I had received a laptop for my fourteenth birthday. Hence, like a spoiled teenage girl whose desire to buy a new cellphone that could practically accomplish anything had not been fulfilled by her parents, I continued grumbling as the days passed by. On one of these typical days where I lay on my bed grumbling, my eyes suddenly caught sight of a crumpled scrap of paper lying next...
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