The Failure That Is The Ideas Of Socialism

Topics: Socialism, Karl Marx, Capitalism Pages: 4 (950 words) Published: March 18, 2016
Daniela West
Professor Layne
Intro to Philosophy
23 April 2013
The Failure that is the Ideas of Socialism
Socialism was a great idea in theory. Everyone would work less and wealth be distributed equally among all people were appealing especially to the lower class. Of course the upper class elite would have saw this as a threat to their prosperity and material possessions. However Karl Marx (the creator of Socialism) would have said that everyone would have access to the same luxuries and delicacies as the upper elite. However how would this be possible? Sure it’s easy to say “everybody gets what they want!” but how would this actually be implemented? How could everything be owned by the people and not have an “authority” or representatives of those people to control what they own? The fact remains that Socialism has a lot of unanswered problems that leads to its downfall along with numerous faults and criticisms that just make Socialism as a whole an EPIC FAIL. Perhaps its greatest fault would be that Socialism cannot provide the things it promises. The upper elite have servants that do work for them however, under Socialism there is no servant class so there is no way the upper elite would have the same luxuries as it does now. How would Socialism provide absolutely everyone with the same things as the upper elite? The truth is that there can never be enough created to be equally distributed on a large scale. Some delicacies and luxuries can only be created in certain geographic locations. This alone eliminates the possibility for everyone to have certain luxuries. Some of these locations are just too small to provide for a large population and would be unable to adequately distribute among the population. Normally in a Capitalistic society we would trade with other geographic locations with some kind of monetary value in order to “buy” that good or luxury. However, this can never happen in a Socialistic society since it must be closed off to all foreign...
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