The Elderly Shouldn't Live in Old Folks’ Homes

Topics: Geriatrics, Family, Care of residents Pages: 2 (712 words) Published: January 6, 2013
Lately the trend of sending the elderly to the old folks’ home is increasing tremendously from time to time especially those who are bed-ridden and weak due to sickness. Moving an elderly parent into a residential care or old folks’ home is a major decision and not one to be taken lightly. There are financial, welfare and psychological aspects to be considered and very often it is a last resort. Sending elderly parents to a care or nursing home often makes people feel very guilty, quite apart from the effect it has on the parent, so is a wise choice to think very carefully before making any final decision. It is also a decision that has to be taken together, so include you, your parents and any other relatives and close friends of your parents who are likely to be affected. Therefore, I think living in the old folks’ home has more disadvantages than advantages. First and foremost, old folks’ homes are very expensive, and might actually be beyond the realm of possibility for many families. Unless parents have set aside their own retirement money for the old folks’ home expenses, individuals might not be able to handle the heavy burden that nursing home costs represent. Due to the rise in the cost of living, everything including foods, attires, daily products and even electrical and water bills are highly charged by the authorities. This largely contributes to the hike in the price charged on taking care of the elderly. Not only that, paying a large sum of money does not guarantee a luxurious lifestyle in the old folk’s home as the accommodation and products provided are simply good enough or average only to live with. Next, while a good old folks’ home can provide a sense of community, sponsoring trips, dinners, and many more, how much the community provided depends largely on an individual's condition. For elderly persons who are largely bed-ridden or suffering from various levels of dementia,...
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