The Elderly People Have Been Treated Just as Badly

Topics: Gerontology, Old age, Ageing Pages: 1 (351 words) Published: December 10, 2011
Sadly to say many people in our elderly population have been treated just as badly, if not worse, some were abandoned by their families, and some were violently abuse. As adults the transition into old age can be difficult for some people. Frustration, lack of responsibility and dependence can make the process of aging undesirable to look after them. This reason makes me disagree that not poverty alone had made a stomping ground at their present situation. We may not have the luxuries that other rich families have but what me believe important most is the love you have for each other towards our Lolo`s and Lola`s. Old age should be viewed as another phase of life, but not the end of life. Upon growing older there are many decisions to be made. Among one of the most difficult and perhaps most important decisions is where the elder person will live and how long-term care needs will be met when he/she is no longer capable of doing so independently due to the incapacity that accompanies many with old age. Nursing homes will never be the best option for them to be with but only for their families. Even the nursing home like Home of the Golden Acres that are very nice facilities and provide the best care possible cannot replace the friends and family members that the resident will miss. Some nursing home residents in Golden Acres never have any visitors at all totally being neglected by their families until they passed away. This is just one story you may seen on the documentary film that keeps my heart so depressed. Think of our parents their sacrifices they had done just to have a better life, and think this way how can we re-pay them in return. More importantly support from family, friends and the local community can make a difference in the psychological well being of older adults. Learn to treasure people around you especially our Lolo`s/ Lola`s. Love them, try to understand them, care for them and treat them with respect.
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