the effect of a personal computer

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Have you ever imagined what would happen if there were no computers in the world? Long a go computers were not a must for a house hold as individuals were not blessed to have such technology. In recent times however as the world is constantly changing almost every individual has a computer, whether it be a desktop computer or a laptop. Although growing up with a computer may have positive effects, there are also negative effects of having that privilege. Three main negative effect of growing up with a personal computer are social issues, lack of thinking skills, and personal problems. One of the main negative effects of growing up with a personal computer is the social Issues. Nowadays a lot of children lack of social issues like shopping experience, they only have time with their computers going on the internet watching movies and playing video. However, it is hard for some people to interact with the cashier when it comes to shopping and also some do not have time with their coworker in their workplaces, or friends in school, apparently they don’t have much time with family at home, because of that they loss the bonds or love for their family.

Mainly, another negative effects of growing up with a personal computer is lack of skills. Computer has made children to loss the skills of thinking in term of educational aspect. In addition to this many people are inability to correct one’s own spelling error. A lot of children cannot read or spell well they depend on their computer to do things everything for them, they cannot do their homework without a computer, because of that education seem to be very difficult for them. However, some parent are just like that, they cannot read or spell well without a computer. In some cases talking to some people they seem to listen but all their attention is on their compute and when it time to do what they told them it is very hard for them, they cannot think and do what they...
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