The Container Store Essay

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The article “No.3 midsize company: The container store” is taken from Business website. This article talks about the advantages of working for “The Container Store” and how store’s managers take care of their employees by providing them with benefits, bonuses and wages fifty percent above the industry average. The Container Store is very successful and its practices and business philosophies are featured in national marketing textbooks. (Rutledge, 2012)

The Container Store was first opened on July 1,1978 in a small retail place in Dallas, Texas. The idea behind “The Container Store” was to originate new category of retailing of storage and organization. The Store was selling shoe boxes, sweater boxes of many different sizes and also containers that were meant to simplify and save your storage space. Now The Container Store is a leading retail chain specializing in home organization products, such as wire shelving, plastic shower totes, shoe bags, food packaging, knife and peg racks, and bins it has 21 stores around United States. The Store has grown over the years and is not going out of business but blooming like a flower, when many other stores are closing. (Bloomberg Businessweek, 2012)

Article “No.3 midsize company: The container store” is describing how well and functional the store is maintaining. Also store management spends time training and satisfying its employees and offers medical benefits, bonuses and even pet insurance. The full time employees on average get paid $46,000 annual salary that is one hundred percent higher than the average wages in other retail stores. Many people with a college degree can’t find jobs that pay this much. Eighty percent of Store’s employees are part time and they also get paid higher than an industry average and receive bonuses. Many of company’s employees have stayed with the company for 15 or more years. Because of the successfulness of “The Container Store”, store’s practices and philosophies are...

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Rutledge, T. (2012, November 10). No. 3 midsize company: The Container Store. Retrieved November 25, 2012, from
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