That's my Spot!

Topics: Parking, Parking lot, Parking space Pages: 3 (903 words) Published: May 14, 2014
That’s my Spot!
I live in an apartment complex area. Our complex is located close to a busy shopping center. During most days the parking lot in the shopping center fills up quickly. People park in the spaces located in our apartment complex taking the spots for the residents. These spots are located close to the shopping center. If you are facing the shopping center the apartment are won the left with both parking lots in front of the buildings. There is an area on the right side of the shopping center that is not use because of the condition of the pavement.     The issues that the lots cause with traffic could be solved by adding a traffic light at the entrance and exit of the shopping center. This would marginally help the issue with parking because it would slow down the amount of people jumping from one lot to the other. This would have to be installed by the city of Chicago and would also not completely fix the issue of a lack of parking. Making it a possible solution but defiantly not the best or ideal one to use in this problem.  It has become a very common problem in the evenings when most people are arriving home from work and trying to park at home. There tends to be the biggest problems when most people are around. Evenings and weekends is the majority. It makes entering and exiting the complex and the shopping center difficult for drivers. There is no stoop light and there is heavy traffic on the road. People often will drive through the parking lot looking for a space then pull out and swing quickly into the apartment complex. It has caused several accidents. The residence of the apartment complex have brought the problem to the attention of the management.       There are a few possible solutions. The first is that each resident must have a parking decal in order to park there. They would be small stickers to put on the windshield or rear window of the car. These decals would indicate whether a person is allowed in that lot. If a car does not...
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