Test Bank For Retail Management A Strategic Approach 10th Edition Berman

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Multiple Choice - Terminology/Concept

1.Which statement concerning retailing is correct?
a.Retailing activities cannot be performed by wholesalers.
b.It is the last stage in the distribution process.
c.All retail activities are store-based.
d.A lawyer purchasing stationery for use in his/her office is an example of retailing.
(b; Challenging; p. 4)

2.According to the Department of Commerce, annual U.S. retail store sales exceed _____.
a.$200 billion
b.$1 trillion
c.$2 trillion
d.$4 trillion
(d; Moderate; p. 6)

3.How many million people are employed by traditional retailers in the United States?
a. 7
(c; Moderate; p. 6)

4.On average, what percent of every sales dollar goes to department store retailers as compensation for the activities they perform?
(c; Moderate; pp. 6-7)

5.In 2004, the three largest retailing companies (based on annual sales) in order of size (from the largest firm) were _____.
a.Sears, Kmart, and Federated Department Stores
b.Sears, Wal-Mart, and J.C. Penney
c.Wal-Mart, Sears Roebuck, and Kroger
d.Wal-Mart, Home Depot, and Kroger
(d; Moderate; p. 7)

Multiple Choice - Terminology/Concept

6.In 2004, the ten largest U.S. retailers earned average after-tax profits amounting to about _____ percent of sales.
(c; Moderate; pp. 7-8)

7.All of the businesses and people involved in the physical movement and transfer of ownership of goods and services from producer to consumer constitute _____.
a.a channel of distribution
c.retail management
d.the sorting process
(a; Moderate; p. 8)

8.An electronics retailer accomplishes a consumer’s one-stop needs through _____.
a.the sorting process
b.a deep channel of distribution
c.a wide channel of distribution
d.exclusive distribution
(a; Challenging; p. 8)

9.The sorting process refers to _____.
a.physical distribution assortment by perishability
b.a retailer’s pricing goods by quality and size
c.government grading standards for produce
d.a retailer’s collecting an assortment of goods and services from many vendors
(d; Challenging; p. 8)

10.While some manufacturers specialize by producing one product, consumers generally favor retailers with extensive selections from many manufacturers. These divergent viewpoints can be reconciled through _____.

a.the sorting process.
b.selective distribution
c.intensive distribution.
d.exclusive distribution
(a; Challenging; p. 8)

Multiple Choice - Terminology/Concept

11.Which of the following distribution functions are generally not provided by retailers for their manufacturer/wholesaler suppliers?
a.contact with the final customer
b.inventory storage prior to sale
c.pre-paying for merchandise in advance of its being sold to final consumers
d.delivery and installation of goods to final consumers
(d; Challenging; pp. 8-9)

12.A retailer’s selling to consumers via store, catalog, and the Web illustrates _____.
a.selective distribution
b.impulse purchasing
c.intensive distribution
d.multi-channel retailing
(d; Moderate; p. 9)

13.Which of the following illustrates channel conflict between a manufacturer and its retailer customers?
a.a discounter’s selling a manufacturer’s product below levels at full-service retailers
b.a cooperative advertising program in which retailers are encouraged to use selected advertising materials
c.a manufacturer assisting retailers with inventory financing for its products
d.a manufacturer developing a toll-free hot line for customer support
(a; Challenging; p. 10)

14.Channel relations are generally smoothest in which form of distribution?
a.selective distribution
b.intensive distribution
c.exclusive distribution
d.dual distribution
(c; Moderate; p. 10)

15.In exclusive distribution,...
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