Telecommunication: Positive or Negative?

Topics: Retailing, Obesity, Personal life Pages: 1 (293 words) Published: August 5, 2013
Thanks to the development of the Internet, people today no longer have to do shopping in a physical store or work physically in an office. Instead, with the help of modern telecommunication, individuals can do almost everything by clicking mouse buttons. This emerging lifestyle brings about both positive and negative effects to us.

The obvious argument in its favour is that modern telecommunication makes our life much easier. We can buy daily necessities in an online shopping mall in a few minutes while going to the supermarket takes at least several hours and costs much. Similarly, telework allows employees more spare time since they do not have to wait for a bus and spend hours on journeys, any more.

There are, however, many disadvantages. For instance, there are quite serious health consequences from a sedentary life. Today, it is not uncommon that a person sits still in front of a computer for more that 8 hours per day. Doctors reveal that such a lifestyle is responsible for both the rising obesity rate and the increasing number of patients of cervical problems.

In addition to the threat, telecommunication poses, to our health, heavy reliance on telecommunication impairs people’s social abilities as well. Those who heavily rely on the likes of online shopping and social networking for dealing with everyday affairs, find it difficult and embarrassing to communicate with others face to face. Worse still, most of them tend to be isolated, self-centered and unsociable.

In conclusion, despite bringing much convenience to our lives, the unfettered use of telecommunication leads to a declining level of health and social abilities. Accordingly, I strongly suggest that people should go outsides and participate in various social activities, rather than sit before a computer for long hours.
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