Tanglewood Case 3

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Web Human Resources (WebHR)
Version 1.0
C3-C1 Conversion Project
User Manual for the Administrator Role

October 2011


Department of Veterans Affairs
Office of Information and Technology (OIT)
Product Development (PD)

Revision History
Date| Revision| Description| Author|
March 2011| 1.0| Initial version (template)| CBeynon|
April 2011| 1.2| Copied in original Admin manual| CBeynon| May 2011| 1.3| Reorganized content and added info from the Admin scripts| CBeynon| May 2011| 1.4| * Updated with comments from LO * Updated after 508 review (rec. 5/19/11) | CBeynon|

July 2011| 1.5| Prepped for ESE Checklist| CBeynon|
August 2011| 1.6| * Changed dates to August 2011 * Prepped for ESE Checklist| CBeynon| September 2011| 1.7| * Changed dates to September 2011 * Prepped for IOC Testing * Added namespace: WEBH*| CBeynon| October 2011| 1.8| * Changed dates to October 2011 * Updated with comments from LO * Prepped for national release| CBeynon| 10/25/2011| 1.9| Made corrections per PM review| CBeynon|

Table of Contents
Administrator Role in WebHR3
Appointment of a WebHR Administrator3
Responsibilities of a WebHR Administrator4
Recommendation from WebHR4
User Assignments in WebHR5
WebHR Customer Edition6
WebHR Automated HR Edition6
Administrator Menus in the HR Edition7
PAID Menu9
System Menu for HRIS Staff only13
Users>Roles Option for WebHR Administrators only14
Update User Profile17
Cannot Access the Application17
Cannot View the SF-52 to Approve18
Cannot Find Appropriate Employee18
Error Management19
Session Expiring20
Sort Columns30
WebHR Icons30
Sample of an SF-52 – Request for Personnel Action32
Sample of a Completed SF-52 – Request for Personnel Action33
Attachments for HR Staff34
WebHR Primary and Alternate Administrator Assignment Form35
WebHR Access for HR Staff Request Form37
WebHR Access Approving/Requesting Officials and Delegate Request Form38
WebHR Site Authorization Change Form40
WebHR Organization Management Add/Delete/Change Form41
WebHR Assignment Form43

Web Human Resources (WebHR) is a Class 3 (C3) automated human resources system that creates an electronic request for personnel actions, Standard Form 52 (SF-52) and tracks the document through the process. WebHR contains the elements necessary to process an SF-52 within a personnel office. This includes initiating, tracking, showing results, and finalizing a personnel action.

WebHR is a web-based, integrated module that brings workforce components together for Human Resources (HR) staff and managers to conduct online HR business activities. The application is designed with two interfaces: Customer Edition and Automated Human Resources Edition. The application also contains several reports, which assist both managers and HR staff with managing employees and recruitment activities.

There are two WebHR links on the WebHR SharePoint: http://vaww.htm.wmc.va.gov/HRIS/default.aspx
WebHR Customer Edition for customers (service lines) to electronically submit an SF-52 to Human Resources.
WebHR Automated Human Resources (HR) Edition for the HR staff to process an electronically submitted SF-52; and includes a Staffing Module that enables HR staff to enter and track hiring milestones and metrics.

WebHR receives data from the national Personnel and Accounting Integrated Data (PAID)/Veterans Health Information System Technology Architecture (VistA) system. WebHR is linked to the PAID database, which is a data warehouse for all VA personnel employee information. PAID is updated at the close of each pay period. The update allows employee-data to auto-populate an SF-52 when a form is initiated. The WebHR application, in its association with PAID data, allows for review...
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