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In today’s increasingly competitive retail market, companies are always looking for ways to improve performance and increase revenue. One important area some companies excel better than others in is staffing. Who a company chooses to staff it’s stores as well as how it chooses to do so will greatly affect the chances of its success. After reviewing the Tanglewood case, we have come up with some suggestions pertaining to staffing quantity as well as quality. Our suggestions are as follows: === === ===

Below is a free essay on "Tanglewoods 1" from Anti Essays, your source for free research papers, essays, and term paper examples. Tanglewood is a chain of retail store selling items like appliances, electronics, and home décor. As and external consultant for staffing service, I will write a report for the Director of Staffing services giving my opinion about the application of each of the strategic staffing decisions below. • Acquire or Develop Talent

I would recommend that Tanglewood develop talent.   Developing talents will promote the employees morale, and help the organization   maintain a productive workforce. Acquiring talent will cost more money to Tanglewood.

. Hire Yourself or Outsource
I would not recommend that Tanglewood Outsource. I don’t believe the company should use outside organization to recruit or select the employees for them because the organization has no idea of how the company really functions, and the type of employees that will be needed. It is true that if Tanglewood outsource it will tell the hiring company what king of employees it needs, but since the organization is not intern, it really doesn’t know the weaknesses and strengths of the organization and all the other information necessary to make a hiring decision. • External or Internal Hiring

Tanglewood should hire internally for positions that require a lot of experience. The internal employees already have experience working there, and know how the company functions. An advantage of hiring internally is that Tanglewoods will not spend a lot of time or money in the hiring/training. • Core or Flexible Workforce

Tanglewood likes to have its employees participate in decision makings so I would recommend that the company have a core workforce. Maintaining the company’s culture, core values, and attaining its goals will be easier with a core workforce. • Hire or Retain

I would recommend that the company retain its employees instead of hiring new ones. The company will only have to hire new employees if the employees are not happy and quit or are not doing a good job and are fired. To avoid or reduce the cost...

Strategic Staffing Decisions Recommendations
Staffing Levels
• Acquire or Develop Talent
In deciding to acquire talent or to develop talent, Tanglewood should focus on developing talent in order to achieve the “centralization” the company is looking for. By focusing on developing talent, Tanglewood would be able to create a core workforce with the ability to learn KSAOs (KSAOs are the knowledge, skill, ability, and other characteristics that are needed to perform the job effectively) from entry level jobs all the way up to management jobs. The newly developed employees would be able maintain the current values and culture that Tanglewood is focusing on maintaining for now and in the future as they continue to grow. Tanglewood has previously focused on the acquisition of their employees. Even though many of the employees are able to start employment with little training, this has led to the differences in human resource practices among regional managers which counter Tanglewood’s original philosophy. • Hire Yourself or Outsource

Tanglewood should ultimately focus on “hiring yourself” for their human resource functions of hiring activities such as recruiting, selecting, and employment. At the rate in which Tanglewood is growing, it will ultimately be cheaper in the long term as Tanglewood becomes a large...
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