SWOT Analysis of Holland and Barrett

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1. Introduction


2. Company Background


3. Swot Analysis


4. Strengths


5. Weaknesses


6. Opportunities


7. Threats
8. Recommendation/ Conclusion
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1.0 Introduction
The purpose of this report is to identify the factors found in the internal and external environments that could affect Holland and Barrett, a franchise brought to Singapore by the Jay Gee Melwani Group.

2.0 Company Background
Holland & Barrett is a leading European brand, selling vitamins, minerals and herbal supplements (Holland and Barrett, 2013). The Melwani Group is a family run business, which represents and markets leading brands like Aigner, Aldo, Levis, Celio, Adidas Kids and many distinctive household brands (Jay Gee Melwani Group, 2013). The company brought Holland & Barrett to the Singapore retail scene and to date, they have 22 outlets (Holland and Barrett, 2013).

3.0 SWOT Analysis
We will be adopting the SWOT model of analysis, looking at the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats this business franchise maybe facing, so as to evaluate what are the possible internal and external environments that could affect the business.

SWOT is widely used by companies when it comes to strategies planning (Coman, Ronen, 2009, p.1). It is a tool used by management to identify the strengths and weaknesses of a company within the internal environment, as well as opportunities and threats in the external environment (Kotler, P., Keller, K. L., Ang, S. H., Leong, S. M., & Tan, C. T., 2009).

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SWOT Analysis as followed:


Excellent customer service

Level of Education

Strong product branding

Collaboration with companies to

Membership card

Innovation promotion

promote the products.

hospitals and polyclinics.


Socially responsible

Secure retail spaces with upcoming

Tap on existing R&D facilities in

Create awareness through SEA Games
in 2015 by sponsoring.

Apply for and tapping on government
grants (WDA & SME Talent Programme)
for training and hiring locals in retail



Over-reliance on foreign

Commercial property price


Government law on foreign labour.

Location of outlets

Pollution of environment

Weak internet presence

Currency conversion rates

Price and range of product


Dull and boring layout of

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4.0 Strengths
The purpose of identifying the company’s internal strengths is to take advantage of these strengths, so as to increase a company’s competitive edge and business opportunities.

Membership Card
Melwani Group introduced a membership card, which incorporated EZ-link and cash card functions. As consumers’ expectations are ever-changing, this multipurpose serving card allows consumers to avoid the inconvenience in having to carry several cards at any one time. Card-holders are not only entitled to discounts at Holland and Barrett, but also at all brands the under the Jay Gee family. As a result, the membership card helps the company to cross sell and cross market products and brands, by helping to make the presence of brands like Holland & Barrett, known to the public. This is because a shopper at Levi’s and Aldo may discover the existence of Holland & Barrett through the card.

Strong Product Branding
Another strength of the company is that the Melwani group has invested heavily in promoting itself as a company that brings in brands of high quality and of a certain pedigree of prestige. This accounts for why the company maintains a selective choice for the locations of its shops only in shopping malls and not in retail spaces found in the housing estates. The company also advertises the brands it carries heavily in...
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