Swot Analysis

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SWOT Analysis
* Strong brand name and image. Toys R Us has a colorful logo which is pleasing to the eyes of the kids. The logo itself creates a welcoming ambiance and implicitly assured to customers that they can absolutely provide any children-related products that they are looking for. * Patent. The retail company is a law-protected business in which it can file lawsuit towards any other competitors that tries to use the right(s) which is solely given to Toys R Us. * Diverse range of toys and baby amusement products. Toys R Us can offer many product-choices among varying customers preferences. * Global presence. Being a world-based company means it can offer a wide range of products to customers overseas. * Huge distribution network. Toys R Us makes use of their foreign connections in order to deliver their products efficiently to their branches worldwide. * Company website which also serves as an online shopping site. Toys R Us, Inc. holds a strong portfolio of e-commerce sites, further advancing its position as the leading dedicated toy and juvenile products retailer. These well-established online destinations provide shoppers with a broad selection of distinctive merchandise. * High safety product standards. Toys R Us has set a safety standards which exceeds the law requirement. Thus, they are able to establish confidence among parents that they are buying products not hazardous to their kids. * Company own the biggest toy store which is located in Time Square, New York. Since its grand opening in November 2001, Toys R Us Times Square has occupied a special position in the heart of New York City as one of the Big Apple’s top tourist attractions, welcoming hundreds of thousands of kids each year. * Joint venture with other known brands. Toys R Us had been able to strengthen its global commerce by collaborating with successful companies like in Japan and China. * Well-chosen and well-trained employees. In addition to offering a wide assortment of toy and baby merchandise, a key element to maintaining the company’s authority position is staffing Toys“R”Us® and Babies“R”Us® stores with knowledgeable and well-trained employees. Store teams are integral in creating memorable shopping experiences for customers and helping families nationwide find the right products for the children in their lives.  

* Higher product price compared to competitors. Mostly low income earner cannot afford to buy Toys R Us’ products. * Products they sale is not exclusive for the company. Any small-formed businesses can create and sell products to customers with much lower prices. * Seasonal sales. Toys R Us’ aggregate sales are mostly affected by seasonal events like Christmas holidays. * Limited market range. Toys R Us set target market only for ages 13 and below. * Decreasing sales of video games and other related software. Toys R Us’ sales decrease relatively because of many competitors offering almost the same products. OPPORTUNITIES

* Technological advances. Because of many emerging technologies nowadays, these can be utilized in low-cost production therefore creating more supply which will able to satisfy customers demand. * Venturing in developing countries. The availability of developing countries to venture with creates an opportunity for Toys “R” Us for expansion and this will be their advantage in the future. * Target market expansion. The opportunities arising considering those young adults ages 14-16 in their target market. * Increase service level. To foster career advancement and skill development, employees are encouraged to take advantage of a variety of learning opportunities. An open-door policy enables employees to interact regularly with all management levels and promotes ongoing and open communication, assisting employees in their professional and personal growth. * Charitable works. Engaging the business in charitable institutions...
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