Surfers Paradise

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Surfers paradise
Surfers Paradise is the soul heart of Queensland and even Australia. With a buzz of exhilaration shared by everyone from thrilled travellers or retirees this is a beachside city that is bound to excite all five senses. Strolling through the lighted skyscrapers that accompany the mint beachy air the aroma of street food stalls is bound to overwhelm the overall experience. From beach haven in the day to Miami at night Surfers Paradise has it all in one place and is suitable for all ages anticipating a memorable holiday. It is ideal to stay one to two summer weeks to ensure that the theme parks and numerous tours are given a try to boast the true beauty and versatility of Surfers Paradise. THINGS TO DO

Shopping precincts
The shopping malls around the Surfers Paradise district are heavenly for any shopaholic. Although Surfers Paradise is said to be for those who enjoy lavishing in the exposure of the sun, it is also a great and vibrant district for keen shoppers. Pacific Fair is both and indoor and outdoor shopping centre located about five kilometres from Surfers Paradise nearing Broad Beach. This shopping district is filled with a variety of stalls, boutiques and food courts. It is perfect to devote a day for strolling around the unusual layout of this mall and clasp the hustle and enjoyment of the shoppers as they frantically buzz around. Another shopping mall that is not too far from Surfers is Robina. Robina is smaller than Pacific Fair but is filled with high end boutiques. The local bus transit transports to both of these very well-known shopping districts. Beach front markets

Every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday nights, bargain hunters settle at Paradise’s beach front in search for quality, original goods. With over one hundred and twenty stalls stretching across the back yard of nature, it is the perfect place to be on a late summer night after dinner at a nearby restaurant. Whilst browsing through the varying stalls, street performers set up to create a giddy and cheerful mood for the market. Stalls specialising in creating jewellery, clothing, food, accessories and other miscellaneous things are scattered in rows. With the variety of stalls, there is bound to be a suitable stall for everyone to be intrigued by. The vibe of the business and the calmness of the sea interlace to form a convivial experience- this is absolutely an unique market. The Surfers Paradise festival: 2nd April to 26th April

This festival is filled with communal vibes and is suitable for an audacious night out with a couple of mates. It is devoted to celebrate the diversity of Gold Coast and all of its capabilities: music, food, art, design and culture. There are plenty of mobile street food stalls which have many variations of types of food to suit everyone. The nature of this particular event is quintessential to go to with a group of friends and embrace the array of versatility around. Local bands tend to provide music for this event whilst you lace through isles of street stalls, in search of something original. Theme parks

Queensland is world renowned for the versatility that is threaded throughout all 5 of their theme parks. Spend several days with the family roaming around the vast plains filled with rollercoasters, street stalls, dress up characters and novelty events. Ranging from Movie World, Sea World, Wet ‘n’ Wild, White Water World and Dream World the possibilities are truly endless. Wet ‘n’ Wild is an exquisite theme park that is well renowned for its water based rides. With extreme rides on one side of the theme park and leisure activities on the other such as a manmade make intertwined throughout the entire park, it is a picturesque environment for the family to spend a warm summer’s day. About five kilometres from the Wet ‘n’ Wild theme park is Movie World. Movie world, also recognized as the Warner Brother Studios, is revolved around Warner Brother movies. With thrilling rides, themed stores,...
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