Strategic Human Resources Management

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Strategic Human Resources Management
Week 1 - Discussion 1

Insight/Impression of Human Resources Management
I have mixed impressions of Human Resource (HR) management, because of my experiences working in both the public and private sectors of health care within Canada. My impressions are both positive and negative because there is no consistently between organizations, which makes defining the role of HR quite difficult at times. In some organizations and ones that I personally own and operate with my family, we put great emphasize on HR, because it helps us create the environment and culture we wish to have. It is the staff we hire and train that help us stay successful, because I am a big believer that it is the team that makes the organization successful and not the other way around. However I also agree with Keith Hammonds statement which he expresses, “Most HR organizations have ghettoized themselves literally to the brink of obsolescence” (2005, p. 40). I feel this is true, when working in the public sector (government) for a large organization, I found they outsourced a lot of work by the HR department to sub-contractors because it was cheaper and saved the company more in the long run. However I do not understand why they would allow this, because I feel it undermines the HR department and why I have a mixed impression of HR management.

Current or Future Responsibilities for Promoting Strategic Human Resources Management within Health Care Due to the fact that I own and operate my own health care company my current and future responsibilities for promoting strategic human resources management, is to improve efficiency and quality of health care. I would do this by implementing a verity of strategies that would help change, promote and improve health care delivery. Moreover one specific strategy I use and would continue to use would be a staffing strategy. I feel to change, promote and/or improve health care delivery I would need to have the...

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