Strategic Human Resource Management

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The modern world of business is currently experiencing a number of changes which have resulted in the transformation of the structures and cultures of many business organizations. These current trends can only accelerate the rate of change experienced in today’s business world. The success and the future of any business organization will thus entirely depend on the implementation of a human resource strategy working towards the achievement of the strategic objectives of the business organization. A strategic approach to human resource management entails that the management processes link the human resource policies and activities with the set strategic goals of a business organization. To achieve a successful strategic approach to human resource management, a business organization must first determine its operational factors that affect the establishment of a strategic approach to human resource management in order to understand how a successful human resource strategy is formulated. Secondly, a business organization must establish the human resource practices of different human resource strategy models. Lastly, it’s important for a business organization to examine the levels of organizational performance of other business firms employing a strategic approach to human resource. Human resource management is also viewed as a strategic business partner that can actively participate in the formulation and implementation of strategies to achieve the desired results. In this vein, human resource management procedures must continually strive to achieve great results from their practices and their laid down strategies as well as establishing people strategies in line with the objectives of the business organization. Human resource planning and development, job analysis and recruitment selection, employee appraisal and motivation, career planning and development, employee compensation and benefits as well as employee health and safety are the major areas of consideration in any business organization that aims towards increasing the value of the employees as well as enhancing their productivity in line with the establishment of a sustainable human resource management strategy. To achieve this end, there exists a dire need for the human resource department to establish the means of working hand in hand with other major departments within the business organization such as; administration, accounts and finance, production, sales and marketing, supplies as well as the information technology department. Strategic human resource management and administration

The administration department is responsible for the supervision of the entire business organization. It comprises of business administration managers and other senior personnel who make decisions to facilitate the smooth and successful running of the entire business organization. Effective strategic human resource management links human resource management policies with the strategic aims and objectives of a business organization. The administration, on the other hand, organizes the staff and other resources towards the achievement of the organization’s aims and objectives, Purcell (2001). The two departments cooperate in various areas to enhance the success of strategic human resource management. Henri Fayol (1841-1925), in his five elements of administration, identifies a set of administrative duties and functions undertaken by the administrative department to achieve the strategic goals of an organization: •Planning involves the making of decisions in advance concerning the activities to be undertaken, the means of doing the activities, time frame for completing these activities and the employees intended to perform these activities. In line with the strategic human resource management, planning (both long term and short term) involves the formulation of strategic goals and objectives and the identification of the required human resource to accomplish these goals....
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