Strategic Human Resource Management

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Advantages of Training Transfer:4
Disadvantages of training transfer:5
Role and Importance of training transfer6
Literature Review of Training Transfer6
Transfer of training before, during and after8

Strategic human resources management gives a brief treatment to the key factors of strategic of HRM which are using an approach called risk management innovative .This human resource management is concerned with the personnel managerial polices, system and practices which directly influence the work place .The strategic resources that function in an effective way and also help to add a value in an organisation. It is designed for helping organisation about the best need of employees to meet the organisational goals .The function of strategic human resource only deals with the organisation daily activities which affects the staffs about functional work like pay ,hiring ,training ,benefits firing and also the is also provide the employees with sick leave ,vacation days ,safety procedure while working and work incentives .This strategic human resource management also known as proactive management for the employees . It helps the organisation to think for the future reference and all the planning about what should be done for the company or any organisation which are under in the human resources mostly concerned with the employees to help the organisation to achieve the goal .Human resource management helps to improve the company daily activities by the help of the business sites of the particular company on the name of human resource resources hiring practices ,training to employees before joining the company and also help to gives the new techniques when company will facing any kind of obstacles and also help to teach how to work in well discipline . Human resources management will help in the selection of good employees and also help to trained in well and effective way so that it help to increase the company productivity high level and decrease the labour cost .As large company can easily afford training and benefits to the employees whoever joined their company but it is little bit hard for the small companies .that doesn’t mean that a smaller company cannot link with strategic human resource management .it can be done through the on-site training approach and also they can learn by the senior member of the particular organisation or the company by the coaching procedure or giving the one-on-one assessment about the how to perform the job that help to increase the performance level of the company. As we know that Strategic human resources management is mostly concerned about the employees development programme like recruiting, mentoring and strong training to the employees which can help to staff to know the speedy of the company and the all the polices .The strategic human resources is very important to both small and large company to assist the job in the systematic way. The human resources management helps the company to perform their organisational activities in an effective with profit motive by producing the qualitative staff for the company. Training and Transfer: Training is the process of learning. In organisational view, training to the staffs help to achieve the goal and increase the productivity of the company. People can learn new things or techniques, reinforce and re-learn the subsisting skills and knowledge, and also necessary have time to think so that they can considerably bring changes of performing the work in qualitative way at work place. An effective training that help to bring changes in the behaviours of the employees and also help to develop the skills of doing work which can make relevant to themselves in performing at the work after getting well trained. Moreover training help to delivers a systematically way of producing knowledge, behaviour and skills...

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