Strategic Human Resource Analysis

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William Clark

Unit 2 Assignment

Strategic Human Resource Analysis



What is Strategic Human Resources Management and how does it link the people with the strategic needs of the business? “Strategic human resource management is designed to help companies best meet the needs of their employees while promoting company goals. Human resource management deals with any aspects of a business that affects employees, such as hiring and firing, pay, benefits, training, and administration”. ("") The origin of Infosys starts initially in 1981 when six individuals decided that they would set out to change the structure of IT business and make the company known and respected in the industry. In the initial startup phase, however Infosys did not see immediate profit as with most startup companies and experienced very tough times and hardship. After a brief time of hardship Infosys started to see growth and expansion pick up and Infosys would see the company starting to grow more rapidly.

The problem Infosys faced when they had more growth than expected was employees that somehow became a little disengaged and became unhappy while working at the company. Infosys realized that employees were what made companies successful as they were who interacted with customers on a regular and they are the ones that kept customers engaged and build relationships with them.

Issues Faced at Infosys

Reading the article and looking at the organization from an external standpoint allowed me to see where issues where in the organization. The first issue which I though may not have been a particularly bad issue was the growth the company was seeing. Anytime there is growth and not enough staff available, the immediate thing to do would be hire more staff. Infosys was forced to hire...

References: Mello, J. (2011). Strategic Human Resource Management. Third Edition. South-Western Cengage Learning. OH. Mason Newsweek (n.d)
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