Store Visit Report

Topics: Sales, Marketing, Cosmetics Pages: 3 (332 words) Published: April 5, 2015

Store Visit Report

Date: 4/3/2015

Name: Chen Fan Foong
Student ID: BTS1220143243

This report is about visiting some stores at Pavilion for our report purpose. We have visit Pavilion on 4th march 2015, we observe the location, merchandise, pricing and target of marketing of the store. I have visit 3 type of store for this report, they are bag retailer, apparel retailer and cosmetic retailer. First and foremost, the bag retailer that I choose is Longchamp, is a French luxury leather goods company founded in Paris, the store is located at 1st floor in Pavilion, this is because the store is near at the main entrance, the reason that the store is near the main entrance is they can get the high sales and Longcham is the luxury brand that everyone know. Not only that when their located the store near to main entrance means it will attract the customer view toward the shop. Their main merchandise is bag, and they also sell luggage. Their price of the product that they sales is around RM2,000 ­-5,000. The target of marketing is young ladies and women that around 20 to 40 years. Secondly, I choose Bread & Butter for the apparel retailer. Bread & Butter is an outlet that provide United States, Japan and Europe brand for both men and women. The location of the store is quite inside of the mall and it is so complicated for customers to find out. Their merchandise is presenting casual wear and crafted denim. The pricing of the store is belong to higher price. Their target of marketing is for young generation. Thirdly, The Face Shop is the cosmetic retailer that I choose. This branch was really come from Korea and now it’s popular among a lot of country. Their merchandise are skincare, makeup, cleansing, mask, body, hair and perfume & aroma. The pricing was effort to buy. The most of the customers that visit this shop was the adult that who care their beauty more.
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