Status Of Online Book Retail Market In

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Status of online book retail market in China
Estimates are based on Open Book Company to book retail market annual monitoring and industry statistics, in 2012 China's book retail market size of about 460 billion-470 billion Yuan, of which the shop retail size of about 120 billion-130 billion Yuan, accounting for about 1/4 of the whole book retail market. With the 2010 Jingdong Mall strongly entering, today, online book retail market has been in stable "three world" pattern. In 2013 January, in 2013 annual publication distributor meeting, the latest data Analysys International displayed showed that in the entire online book retail market, occupies 45% of market share, while the Amazon Excellence and Jingdong Mall occupies 23% and 14% respectively. The three giants launched the "price war" in 2012. It makes some companies whose cash flow is not rich suffered heavy losses. Objectively speaking, the "price war" is not entirely a bad thing, at least for consumers; this is a good thing, because the consumer has brought tangible benefits to the discount. Competition contributes to the development of industry, the business will improve their own "soft power" to make them more competitive, and gradually occupy the market share of rivals. On the second half of 2012, the competition among the electricity suppliers focus on the service quality, delivery speed and cost control. Moreover, once the large-scale e-commerce, it will further widen the cost, making profits become inevitable.
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