Starting a Business Online, Part 1

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Starting a Business Online, Part 1
Jesse E. Johnson
Pro. Ryan M. Coleman
Fundamentals of E-Business
Strayer University
25 January 2012

I, owner of small clothing store, have decided to engage in e-business. There are numerous legal and ethic issues that one needs to comply with, before starting a business online. A small business owner also has to deal with some cybercrimes in order to ensure the economic growth of the business.

Table of Contents
SWOT analysis4
Weaknesses 5
Threats 5
Issues in conducting international E-commerce6
Trust 6
Language 6
Culture 6
Government 7
Infrastructure 7
Laws and regulations7
Traditional boundaries 7
Speed of business 8
Online crimes 8
Electronic transaction 8
Copyright & Trademark 9

Starting a business online
The success and the economic growth for any company depend on how they evolve with the trends and develop their strategies with the optimum use of resources, in this competitive world. I own a small local clothing store alone the jersey shore boardwalk, and there are 2 billion internet users in the world, in a booming e-commerce, I have decided to expand my business through e-commerce. Discussion

SWOT analysis
The first task is to develop organizational strategies, concerning the four factors to set up my company’s operative structure. These four elements are a company’s strength, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (Craig et. al., 2003). Strengths

We sell high quality, fashion clothing in our store and have a reputation of providing excellent customer service. Our strength also lies in the fact that we sell beaded and embellished clothes from Asia, which is unique in jersey shore. We have trained staff and managers providing quality services and products to customers. Our strengths allow us to make economic value and gain competitive advantage. Weaknesses

We, however, have the weakness that we have one store location and not making use of Internet sales for a broader spectrum of customers. Another weakness is that we have higher costs of employees because of our location than our competitor who have similar productivity rate from a lower cost of labor. Our company’s lack of capabilities and resources are hindrance from growing economically. Opportunities

Opportunities for our company are using internet to expand our business, selling clothes, increasing product sales worldwide through internet shopping. It is a chance for us to improve our performance and gain competitive advantage (Jay, B., 2002). Threats

The threats to our company are other high profile competitors, who make use of internet for sales, and issues regarding identity theft of customers purchasing clothes online. It may reduce our performance level. We can develop our internet website to avail the chance of purchasing online (opportunity), making use of our excellent customer service (strength) via phone and internet chat 24/7. This will shadow our lack of internet presence (weakness). Moreover, by enhancing our strength of providing outstanding customer service even to the online shopping website, we would be able to address customer queries about identity theft, which will be alleviated (threat). The main advantages of taking our small business online include our increased productivity and enhanced competitiveness in dealing with consumers and suppliers in the economic sector, easy access to global market for us and the customers, new job opportunities, more customers and resultant social and economic benefits and welfare of customers at national and international level (Robert, B., 2003). The disadvantages, however, include uncontrolled criminal activities such as spam, identity theft creating customer issues, protectionism and lack of investment in financial infrastructure required for e commerce in developing...

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