Spending Time with Friends/Spending Time with Family

Topics: Interpersonal relationship, Family, Prince Pages: 2 (557 words) Published: May 23, 2011
Spending time with friends/spending time with family

Can you imagine your life without your family or your friends? Well, whether you agree or disagree, human beings instinctively tend to socialize with others. However, who would you spend more time with, is it your family or your friends? As we know we can’t live without either our families or our friends because they represent a huge part of our lives. In this essay we will compare and contrast between spending time with family and spending time with friends in terms of attitude, places and discussions. No one can deny that attitudes differ between spending time with family and spending time with friends. When we spend time with our families we tend to be intimate, gentle and responsible. Even our behavior is appropriate and our acts are limited. For instance, when we go out with our family to a movie or to a dinner, we won't be able to act foolish and we will be restrained from doing exciting stuff; as our actions will be judged by our family members. But when we hang out with our friends we feel less intimate, more crazy, and liberated , also our behavior becomes frizzy and we act our ages or even younger .For example, with our friends we can tell funny jokes to each other, knowing that none of them will be insulted or degraded because friends tend not to take things seriously. So that’s how our attitude differs. The places we hang out with family and friends are also different. The places where you head to with your family are calm, and not crowded, such as beaches, parks, family restaurants and family resorts. The places that we go to with our family to spend some quality time together. On the other hand the places where we go to with our friends are more crowded and full of life like; movie theatres, shopping malls and night clubs. With friends we go to places that allow us to have fun and enjoy our time as much as possible. That's how the places that we go with our family and friends are different....
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