Speech on doing voluntary work

Topics: Filial piety, Gerontology, Old age Pages: 2 (392 words) Published: January 11, 2014
Good morning Principal, teachers and fellow schoolmates.
My name is _______. Today, I’m going to share an experience of doing voluntary work for the elderly. As the Bible said, ‘It’s better to give than to receive,’ it’s important for us to help people in need.

During the service, we needed to visit a solitary elder and gave her daily necessities. We also needed to tidy her home, check if there’s potential danger and chat with her. You might think that these works were not toilsome and complicated, but you would regret after walking for eight floors while carrying these heavy stuff! I felt quite shocked when I realized that she had to walk for eight floors every day-even she were seventy already. Despite the poor living condition, she needed to walk like this every single day. Under the hot weather, we didn't felt comfortable after arriving.

There was an unforgettable experience during this visit. She talked about her family after we finished tidying and she said that she had never seen her children for years as they had immigrated to America. Her tears dropped and it made me felt really miserable. Why didn't her kids visit her? Why didn't her kids give her love? Why didn't her kids take care of her? It is important to us to respect and venerate the aged as they've looked after us since we’re very small, and It seems that the importance of filial piety have been forgotten by the teenage nowadays.

I learnt a few things after visiting the solitary elder. First, we should show our respect to the elders as they’re old and need somebody to take care. They’ll feel warm and joyful even though we just give a little action to them. However, most teenagers think that it is embarrassing to visit an elderly. We should throw away this kind of mind and step out for them. More importantly, we should give a helping hand to people in need. As there are more and more solitary elder, each of our helping hand is significant for them.

Let’s lend others our...
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