Space Exploration

Topics: Space exploration, NASA, Outer space Pages: 2 (614 words) Published: March 10, 2013
Exploring space is a waste of money?
Space exploration has been a huge part of our history; from Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin winning the “space race” withRussia, to the Mars Rovers. There are many different takes on the matter of space exploration and a lot of people feel that the disavantages far out weigh the benefits. Yet, many others believe that space exploration should be continued at all costs and that it has proven to be very beneficial in the past and will continue . To start off, space exploration is wastage of time. Some people think that we have spent many years of time just to study the outer space and it is not actually bringing benefits to our daily life. Besides, space exploration is not a project that will be 100% successful in achieving the main goal. There are too many uncertainties in the project. The technicians will keep trying to launch an astronaut to the space in order to study the mysterious space. If they are lucky enough to discover something new, that will surprise all of us, but it is just in a flirt of time as in we do not actually need the knowledge in solving problems in our daily life. In the other way round, if they have tried thousands of times but end up with nothing, it will be a waste to our precious time. Exploring the space is a risky task; we should not waste so much time trying out the uncertainties. Moreover, space exploration wastes a lot of money. Billions of money has been spending in the space exploration programs since many years ago. At this point of time, people are facing a very serious inflation problem. Our economic is getting poor. In addition they think that to the economic issue, the issue of alternative energies could be another problem. If governments spend most money searching an appropriate planet for people to live in, they will have limited funds to support to investigation of this project. Based on many studies, the amounts of oil may exhaust in this century, therefore if we don't have...
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