Some Say That Because People Are Living Much Longer, the Age at Wich People Retire from Work Should Be Raised Considerably. Agree or Disagree?

Topics: Ageing, Gerontology, Old age Pages: 1 (401 words) Published: June 14, 2012
In the ancient era people who aged over 40 were considered as elderly. However, as time passed, many promotions were provided in the various aspects, such as medical advancement and improvement of life standards, that made the average age of individuals longer. Some believe this phenomenon must be viewed as a factor for determination of the age of retirement. They think that the age at which individuals retire should increase as the average age rises up. From my perspective, this work policy may have several negative effects on health, and other factors such as work conditions should also be considered. Increasing the retiring age with respect to the average age of workforces may seem reasonable. In fact, as the average age increases, the years through which employees and workers can be useful on their occupations can rise up. As a result, companies and employers do not need to hire new workforces and they can use their experienced workers for a longer period of time. However, I think, there are several other issues that must be viewed in this concern. Workload and work circumstances are the imperative elements that should be considered for determining the age of retirement. The workers with high workloads, and those who work in the poisonous and stressful atmospheres ought to retire from work in earlier ages. With regard to the issue concerning retiring age, mental health can also play an important role. Increase in the retiring age may negatively impact the people's mental states. In other words, all individuals require an opportunity to get rest and allocate their time for various exhilarating activities such as traveling. This work strategy causes people not being able to have chance for doing these types of activities. Finally, increase the age of retirement can decline hurt employment opportunities for younger adults. In fact, all the vacancies would be occupied by old workforce, and just rare opportunities would be available for youth. In conclusion, a...
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