Some People Work For The Same

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some people work for the same organisation all their working life. others think that it is better to work for different organisations. discuss both views and give your own opinion

A人们为同一个组织工作 B熟悉环境 熟悉同事 C 办事效率更高 A 人们为不同组织工作B接受不同的任务C能力更全面 A 在同一个公司上班 B有稳定的收入来源 C生活压力小 Some people argue that working for different companities can create some benefits for their career advancement, but I believe that working for the same organisation is more likely to have a positive effect on their lives. If people work for the same organization, the efficiency of work will be higher. In many organizations, people need to work together to finish tasks, so it is important for them to learn cooperation . If they stay at the same organization, they do not need to spend time to adapt to a new work environment or learn how to collaborate with new colleagues. They may become more productive.

On the other hand, people who work for different organisations are likely to develop a wide range of skills. They have experience in coping with different tasks and this is why they are able to deal with complex problems as well-rounded individuals. For example, working as a manager in a company gives them opportunities to learn how to motivate subordinates, while working as a consultant can improve their abilities to communicate with clients.

People who don't change jobs have a clearly defined career path, and their jobs are less stressful. As their abilities grow, their salaries will gradually rise, and they are also entitled to a good pension scheme and health insurance. Job security and steady income enables them to maintain a reasonable standard of living and lead a happy life.

some people believe that working in the same organization can improve their efficiency. They are familiar with colleagues, and communication will become easier. In the steady environment ,people are easily focus their job to achieve their aim,because their boss and colleagues will more confidence their ability. A人们为同一个组织工作 B熟悉环境 熟悉同事 C 办事效率更高 白--

Working for the same organization will allow employees to accumulate experience in a particular field, so gradually they will be able to work with more efficiency. Staying with one employer means you are familiar with the coparate culure, part of a team, and experienced in your job. These factors will allow you to work in a more efficient manner, thus can be trusted with more responsibility. So in this sense, working for one employer may bring faster career development.

some people argue that working in the same organisation is more likely to improve their work efficiency . they are able to have a deeper understanding of their workmates and working process, 背景化 people work in a government sector several years , it is more easier more them to finish their assigments . B this means that they are able to work together to address some difficulities in their workforce , it is benefit for them to perform varies tasks . Veronica

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A+C B 解释 C结果
If people work for different organizations, they are more likely to have higher competition in employment. People have to specialize their knowledge to cater for different working requirements, because different organizations normally have various strong areas. In this case, employers intend to give importance to practice their ability and enhance their specialization if they want get stable salary and a higher position in these companies. 兔子兔子不吃胡萝卜。❀

On the other hand, people working in different companies will accept various tasks. These have provided employees with opportunities to strengthen their working ability. For example, they have to communicate with foreign people, it requires them to learn another languages. And when they working in multinational corporation, they will have to learn how to cooperate with people from different cultures. 身上有妖气

AC 解释 bc 拓展
In my view, working for the...
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