Sociological Perspective of Erin Brocovich

Topics: Sociology, Max Weber, Karl Marx Pages: 3 (978 words) Published: April 28, 2013
Sociology of Law

Sarah Vander Helm

Second Paper Assignment



-Introduce theorists and theories

-summarize movie


Marx-Class conflict
The opening scene, Erin Brocovich demonstrates a modern-day example of the class conflict theory by Carl Marx. This scene reflects the idea of the lower class dominated by the upper class. Erin Brocovich appears to be from a lower class, with her dress attire and her use of language. The interviewer appears to have a professional career, which reflects a higher class position. Erin tries "to sell" herself for the position, without having a higher education. The environment of the lower class represents class struggle. This is a modern day example, which reflects the relations of production, and respresents the schematic representation of the Marxian base-superstructure model. The Marxian perspective of a higher class, owns the means of production, but in this type of modern day example, the interviewer is of the higher class that decides who can obtain the position. The class conflict reflects upon this scene and shows the base-superstructure model. "The ideas of the ruling class are in ever epoch the ruling ideas…The classes which as the mean of production at its disposal, has control at the same time over the means of mental production, so that thereby, generally speaking , the ideas of those who lack the mean of mental production are subject to it (70 Sutton). This statement by Marx in relationship with the movie, demonstrates the interviewer representing the class with the means of production and control. Erin, represents a person whose ideas lack the mean of the mental production are subject to it. The fact that Erin does not have a higher education, implies the "mental production". The control that the higher class has over the lower class also supports the idea that crime favors the wealthy. 2. MARX-VIEW ON CRIME-FAVORS WEALTHY

The courtroom scene...
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