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Monday 2nd September 2013.


Socialism is one of the most highly debated subjects in contemporary society. This stems back to its turbulent history, which has had ambassadors and followers, haters and neglecters. There has been many contrasting and conflicting views bound to socialism and its unique mode of production; but one theory that has been the cause of debate, and a theory that I strongly believe in, is that socialism is an idea better displayed on paper. In my opinion this is due to the fact that although seemingly effective, socialism as an ideology has failed to be appropriately implemented and is still to this day, an idea that looks best on paper. Nonetheless, I wish to look past this gap between what seems like a best-case scenario, and the results of human implementation, by critiquing socialism and its philosophies. This being said it is important to refer to those who have been most impacted by this concept and others alike such as capitalism; these include the LDC’s or Least Developed Countries, and the DC’s or Developed Countries, who have acted as guinea pigs whilst attempts at re-building societies and countries has gone under way.

Firstly, I believe it is important to really define socialism as a philosophy. Before you begin to strip it down and analyze its application into society, it is crucial to understand how it is meant to operate. To over simplify it, socialism is basically about sharing or the division of wealth and ultimately nullifying poverty and minimizing the gap between the rich and the poor. This was meant to abolish any sort of class pattern emerging within society, which seems like a great idea, but does it work?

Philosophies that fall under the same conceptual blanket as socialism have been knocking about since the Summer and Autumn periods in the Ancient dynasties of China, where the Chinese philosopher Confucius adopted an ideology to shape the way man kind lives, and to nullify the evilness that was brought about by greed and hate. Confucius’ “Golden Rule” was a philosophical standpoint that was meant to revive and inspire a more peaceful and understanding world, but failed to do so. Does the concept of socialism reflect that of Confucius?

I personally do not believe in the model for socialism. Even without prior knowledge of both its implementation and its history and only a brief understanding of its context, I would suggest...
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