Social Communication

Topics: Communication, Nonverbal communication, Hearing Pages: 2 (387 words) Published: July 19, 2006
Relational non-verbal communication
-Expresses kind's of identity messages and relational messages that help us define the kinds of relationships we want to have with others.

Types: Physical Attractiveness and clothing.

Physical attractiveness affects many aspects of our lives. We are aware of how people can be judges by this. For example; being picked for sports, getting better grades, not being punished as strongly as others, etc. Clothing also plays an important role in communication. We tend to place a lot of value and judge people on the way they dress. We make assumptions about characters, success, and even if they can be trusted.

My movie scene illustrates how when you receive this favorable interaction it can evoke responses that can increase the messages conveyed.

To set up a story line a little bit, Georgia Byrd, the main character, is smitten with a coworker from another department in the store. She makes excuses and purchases things just to have some interaction with him. When he goes to her department and starts talking to her, she becomes a little flustered and winds up hitting her head. The injury is serious, so a CAT scan is indicated. She is given less than a month to live.

She allows herself very little time to cry. She is going to spend her last days the way she had always dreamed. She cashes in all her savings and flies to a resort in Europe. After several spa treatments and working on her "international look", the transformation is more than physical.

It seems that her appearance gives her greater self confidence, but she also has a sense of time wasted by not expressing her true feelings. She is also viewed differently by the other resort guests.

Elements in the listening process

Defensive listening- defensive listeners take others remarks as personal attacks.

When Georgia is trying to speak with her boss who is simply not listening because he is in the position of authority and assumes she is trying to hit...
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