Smart Seniors with Hsbc Programme

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Smart Seniors with HSBC programme.

HSBC launched Smart Seniors with HSBC programme last month, an employment drive designed to give local retirees the opportunity to get “back to work”. The reason for launching this programme is that Hong Kong’s over 60s are due to becomes one of the largest segments of the local population. HSBC recognizes their importance to the community and has designed special services targeting their needs.

Target Market
Pls take a look of the tables.

We can see that Hong Kong has an aging of the population gradually from the table. The population of the age group 45 to 54 gradually increased during 1996 to 2006. Today almost one in five people in the territory is aged over 60. In 10 years’ time, this figure will rise to one in four and in 20 years time, people aged over 60 will make up almost one in three people in HK.


From the above figures, we can see that the aged over 60’s segment will play an important role in the future 20 years. HSBC HK also attaches great importance to this segment. As most of them are retirees and they owned a large sum of pension, our bank targets this segment as our customers and hope that they can open account in our bank or make investment through our bank.

Program mechanism
The 'Smart Seniors with HSBC' program aims to recruit 80 part-time staff who will be employed to promote and manage new HSBC Community Caring Corners - areas dedicated to serving the needs of the elderly and customers with special needs. Our Smart Seniors will also be responsible for promoting the use of ATMs amongst the elderly, greeting customers and directing them to the appropriate counters and staff. From April, Smart Seniors will be available in the Bank's top 20 high-traffic branches.

Obviously, the programme success in short term. Since the programme launched last month, the public has given good comment to the programme. Over 500 people applied for the post after the news reported in the...
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