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Six Competencies for the Future of HR
Wilma Stout
Delta State University
June 18,2015


Human resource is very dynamic. This is because human resource work has evolved over the years. The main causes for this evolutionary the three waves the profession has experienced in the past. It is believed that all the three waves were similar in the way they began progresses and eventually stabilized. The first wave was mainly associated with Human Resource administration. It mainly emphasized on the work of administration of HR and focused issues such as working conditions, service delivery, terms of work and regulatory compliance. The second wave was responsible for HR practices some of which are still applied up to date. The third wave saw the development of HR strategy. The Human Resource thus took a more strategic role (Ulrich, 2012). Several changes have occurred that have greatly threatened Human Resource. These changes include globalization, technological innovations and the worldwide economic crisis among others. This is what has led the forth wave that is currently being experienced. This wave is seen as the future Human resource and focuses on looking at human resource from the outside in (Rothwell & Prescott, 1998). It encouraged the leadership to go outside their organizations in search of new to customers and investors. For this to occur, they have to be aware of and master the six competencies associated with future human resource. THE SIX COMPETENCIES OF THE FUTURE HR

I previously worked for Walmart, a big corporation in the retail business. I believe that its Human Resource should be restructured to incorporate the following competencies if it is to remain in business.

1. Credible activists
An activist is a person who takes a strong position regarding specific matter and sticks to his or her word despite the consequences. These professionals are thus required to stick to their words. This leads to trust and increased credibility of Wall Mart that would enable it to develop a good relationship with key stakeholders in the business. However the strong positions taken should be business issues that are sound and wise. 2. Strategic positioner

A strategic positioner is a person capable of using knowledge on specific fields to and applying them in a manner that is of interest to the business. A good HR professional should thus have proper understanding of the business context, globally, from the social, political and economic trends to other trends related to the demography, environment as well as technology. He or she should also be capable of translating those trends into business (Ulrich, 2012). A deep understanding of this is crucial for Walmart if it is to develop customer-oriented business strategies which will ultimately be seen in the business plans and goals. 3. Capability builder

The HR professional should be able understand and clearly define the capabilities of the organization capabilities refers to the strengths of the organization such as innovation and efficiency. He or she should build this capability. This is important as it will enable other managers of Walmart to understand the values of the employees and build on the overall organizational culture. 4. Change champion

Effective HR professionals are support to positive change in the organization and even encourage resistant stakeholders on the importance of change. This is very important as it contributed to the comparative advantage of the entity.

5. Human resource innovator and integrator
They should be capable of innovating and integrating HR practices around critical business issues only (Rothwell & Prescott 1998). The business issues should prioritize and the appropriate HR practices are aligned to them to ensure the organizational capabilities are met and sustained. This will ultimately impact positively on business. 6. Technology...

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