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Sight seeing and volunteering at
The one day trip to Ulu Yam was indeed memorable and exciting. About 8.00 in the morning, all the students gathered in front of the hall, waiting for our teacher’s arrival. Then when everything was lock, stock and barrel, we departed to our destination. We sang and danced in the bus in order to fill our free time. After nearly two hours, our bus reached the destination. Rules and regulations were given out by the person-in-charged. Several activities were carried out by each group in the spot. Firstly, students were required to fill the garbage bags with dried leaves. Then by using our creativity and imagination, we formed a Jalur Gemilang on the ground. Well, although we did not win this competition but still it was very meaningful to us. We worked as a team throughout this activity and realized the importance of unity. Later on came the most interesting part. Girls and boys changed their clothes and had fun in the stream while teacher was sitting on a big rock monitoring and amused by their funny acts. Throughout this special sivik project, we could feel the beauty of nature and the lives of the trees. By noon 12.00 pm, all the participants boarded the bus again. During our way back, the bus driver stopped us at a petrol station to have a mid-break. Then almost 3.00 pm, we reached the school compound the others chose to stay at the shopping mall.

Benefits of this trip :
I have learnt a lot of things from this project, gaining wonderful experiences and building a better bond with my friends. We enjoyed ourselves and shared those happy little moments together. This was my first time to visit a jungle and it was indeed fascinating for me, where I can touch the stream, feel the presence of trees surrounding us. I hope we have a second chance to have this kind of teacher to guide us and lead us to a more...
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