Should the Elderly be Allowed to Drive?

Topics: Death, Old age, Gerontology Pages: 3 (1065 words) Published: February 6, 2014
Addy Cassady
English 111
Brian Birt
18 September 2013
The Increasing Age with Increasing Limits
In order to be allowed to drive a motorized vehicle a person has to go through a copious amount of tests and training to acquire a license. This person, however, is typically around the age of sixteen when they choose to participant in such events. Does that mean that they will never forget or fail to remember what they learned? Most people forget what high school is like by age fifty, what does that say about the human’s brain and their ability to retain knowledge as they age? Senior citizens need a higher driving restriction because of their known safety issues and accidents when driving on the roads and highways.

Counter-arguments state that most statistics show more elderly drivers get into more fatal accidents is completely false. They describe how it is impossible to record all the accidents of each age group properly. The reason for that is because not all accidents are reported and senior citizens are just the kind of people who will report any accident. Another statement that adds to this counter-argument is the elderly are more likely to report more accidents because they are more prone to getting hurt medically in an accident than a twenty-five year old.

More people argue that the elderly are overrepresented when addressing car accidents. They argue it’s not fair because younger generations get in accidents just as much if not more. Yet, senior citizens are the ones who are getting the higher driving restrictions. People against adding restrictions say it is unethical to say an elderly person cannot drive because of certain medical conditions that normally pertain to their delicate stature more than anything. Even though they are frail they still have the knowledge of how to drive a vehicle. Another argument is that when a younger person gets into an accident with an elderly person people listening to the news hear more about the older person,...
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